Why did LevelCredit join Self?

LevelCredit has joined Self!

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It’s a case of great ideas coming together. Like LevelCredit, Self is dedicated to building new ways to create financial freedom. Together, we have big plans to help the millions of people with low or no credit finally get the credit they deserve.

What else does Self do?

With your LevelCredit subscription, you already have a great foundation for building credit. With Self, you can keep it going.
The Self 
Credit Builder Account lets you build credit and savings at the same time with just 1 payment per month.  With a little commitment and some on-time payments, you can work toward the Self Visa® Credit Card — a secured card designed for credit builders.*

There’s more than one way to improve your personal finances. Head over to Self to get acquainted with more options for building credit, savings, and dreams.

Your subscription hasn’t changed. You can continue to log in to LevelCredit to manage your account and we’ll keep reporting your payments to the credit bureaus as usual.
Eventually, all LevelCredit subscriptions will become Self subscriptions. When that time comes, we’ll reach out and let you know the details.

What happens to my current subscription?