Grow your credit using your bills.


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How to grow your credit using your bills

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Add rent, cell phone & utility payments to your credit.

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More mortgage approvals if rent were included in a credit report.
– Fannie Mae


LevelCredit finds your bills
Using your rent, cell phone, electric, water and gas payments.

Your credit score can grow
Adding those payments to your credit profile as new accounts can impact your credit score.

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Uses bills you’re already paying

Credit monitoring from TransUnion

Includes $1M Identity Theft Insurance

Add your rent, cell phone and utilities to your credit for only $6.95/mo

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Add up to 2 years of past payments

Bundle 24 months of payments

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Grow your credit with your bills with LevelCredit.

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Includes all rent, cell & utilities

One straight-forward cost of $49.95